In short, we create quality products that aim to make your life easier!

Web & Application Development

We build websites for every kind of entity; big or small or even for personal use.

Our websites are crafted to your taste, and also built-in content management system for easy update

Content Development

Composing valuable content to be delivered with a specific purpose, like business, marketing, commercial affairs, etc is never an easy task for you BUT it is for us BECAUSE we do it everyday AND we do it well.

Digital Marketing

As the world moves towards a digital market oriented advertising and marketing, we move with it.

Weng Solutions has a team of copywriters and creatives to develop your Ad for next level

CCTV Installations

Looking for a standard all round CCTV system that can record, store and even perform an online backup.

Try us. Let us discuss what we can do for you to improve on your security.


Branding is more than just throwing colours & images together. It is about living the brand.

We do a wide range of identity designs like logos design. profiles. brochures, access cards etc.

Graphic Design

Our publishing department’s phenomenal design team can help with simple print jobs or assist you in creating your one of a kind documents. like invitations brochures, presentation material, business cards
flyers, magazines etc